Progress on HD-IL2 appeal?

Anyone following this story about HD-IL2 issues in Ontario might be wondering what is happening. As you can imagine, there are some things we can’t blog about publicly, but it’s interesting to speculate about what might be happening behind the scenes…

OHIP is interpreting the CCO (Cancer Care Ontario) Guidelines prepared by the GU DSG (Genitourinary Disease Site Group). That group of oncologists might have been contacted.

Kidney Cancer Canada has an active Medical Advisory Group, chaired by Dr. Jennifer Knox at Princess Margaret Hospital. That group of oncologists might have been contacted.

Some rcc specialists are particularly strong advocates about HD-IL2 treatment as an option for those patients who fit the criteria. Those rcc specialists might have been contacted.

The CCO Guideline on which the OHIP denial was based may have been misinterpreted. The guideline states that high dose IL-2 should only be considered in highly selected patients who are going to receive
High dose IL-2 as part of a trial OR AN INVESTIGATIONAL SETTING. Someone could well make the argument that the treatment offered in Buffalo (or indeed, by Dr. Patenaude in Montreal) is indeed conducted in an “investigational setting” where oncologists are striving to collect data and learn more about the selection criteria for HD-IL2.

Support for this patient’s appeal might well be building behind the scenes on a number of fronts. We remain hopeful!


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