Appeal date set for HD-IL2 Denial

Our first patient to be denied HD-IL2 treatment (from Ontario) will go before a hearing at OHIP on Monday May 31st. We sincerely hope that the lead physician on the panel will reconsider and allow him to access HD-IL2 in Buffalo as had been the case for many years.

This whole issue does beg the question: why Buffalo? Why not Toronto for goodness sake? Up until now, there has not been the interest to set up a specialty centre for HD-IL2 in Ontario. That said, it would be worth knowing how many mrcc and melanoma patients have been funded in Buffalo. Wouldn’t it make sense to keep that money in Canada? Sunnybrook would be an obvious location given the expertise and interest there.

Sounds like what we need is a short-term solution (i.e., give this patient his chance for a cure), and in the longer-term, let’s find out what would be most cost-effective for Ontario. The answer cannot be simply to cut patients off from their only known chance for a cure.

We’re counting on OHIP doing the right thing on May 31st — not only for this one patient, but for the patient diagnosed next week and the week after…


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