Torisel is now funded in Ontario (and BC, NS, SK, and NL). Not everywhere.

All of us at KCC were really happy last week to hear final confirmation that Torisel (temsirolimus) will be reimbursed in Ontario. (As first-line therapy, poor prognosis including non-clear cell).

That announcement brings the provincial total to five. Anyone consulting a map would know that we have ten provinces and three territories. So what happens if you live in one of those other provinces or territories? Well unfortunately you don’t have access to Torisel. (Yes, if you’ve been following our news, you’ll note that Torisel was Health Canada approved back in December 2007.)

If you live in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, or PEI, NOW is the time to write to your local elected representative and ask WHY your province is not funding Torisel for kidney cancer patients. Many provinces had told us that they would await Ontario’s re-consideration. We have that now.

For sample letters, please see our website for sample letters: click here.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our grassroots advocacy campaign so far. If we don’t speak up, we won’t have the access we need. All of us want these drugs available for the patients who need them. Even if it’s not for you, please send in a letter — and if your family and friends want to know what to do to help you, please ask them to join in the campaign. It’ll cost you a postage stamp, but access to this drug would mean the world to a patient who most needs it.



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