Kidney Cancer Canada represented at Cancer Drug Access Symposium

Many of you may have heard media reports this week highlighting concerns with cancer drug access. As part of our overall advocacy efforts, KCC works as a key member of a number of Canadian cancer organizations including CCAN (Canadian Cancer Action Network).

This week CCAN, along with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Public Policy Forum, is hosting an important symposium in Ottawa that will bring together the major stakeholders in cancer drug access from across the country.

Kidney Cancer Canada is an invited participant here in Ottawa to represent all kidney cancer patients. Our clear objective is to ensure that all patients, no matter which province you live in, have access to Health Canada approved treatments for this disease. That means Sutent, Nexavar, Torisel, Afinitor, and Votrient.
There are now 5 Health Canada approved treatments. Why is it that you can only access ONE through public funding — and nothing more?

As we know too well, the worst thing isn’t hearing that you have a serious disease like kidney cancer. Even worse than that is hearing that there IS a proven treatment available , but you just can’t afford it… and your provincial government doesn’t fund it. That’s exactly the reality that many patients will face in January 2011 UNLESS our provincial governments give us the assurance that treatment beyond the first line will be funded for us.

Please get involved with our campaign. Sample letters are posted on our website for the first 5 provinces we are targeting (BC, AB, ON, QC, and NS). Patients and families from all provinces are encouraged to join us and start the conversation. Our goal is to have 10 out of 10 provinces funding sequential treatment for advanced kidney cancer.

Details of the campaign are on our website here:
If no one hears from us, no one will know what it means to be a kidney cancer patient who has run out of funded drug options. We can’t let that happen in January — and we need your help.


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