pCODR needs 2 or 3 Patient Representatives

What’s a pCODR you ask?

pCODR is the Pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review — a brand new structure set up to evaluate the cost/benefit of new cancer drugs for ALL provinces except Quebec. (Yes, pCODR replaces JODR which was set up on interim basis in 2007 to evaluate all new cancer drugs.)

As a patient organization, KCC has great hope for pCODR. We want it to work and we want it to be transparent so that we know what new kidney cancer treatments are going to be reviewed, and how the decisions will be made to reflect patient needs.

We know already that there will be two (count them, TWO) places in the pCODR process where patient groups like KCC will have the opportunity to make a formal submission on behalf of the patient community. We’re looking forward to hearing in mid-January what the first drugs will be. (And yes, we would very much like one of the newest kidney cancer drugs to be in that first batch. JODR hasn’t been particularly kind to us, so we’d like a pCODR review please.)

Call for Patient Representatives

To help pCODR stay patient-centred, we need 2 or 3 patients with cancer experience (past or present) to nominate themselves as official Patient Representatives on the pERC (pCODR Expert Review Committee). If you or someone you know would make a good Patient Representative, please encourage them to look into this opportunity. Costs for travel will be provided, so the candidate can live anywhere in Canada — except for Quebec where they have their own process. I have appended further information below or you can check out the new website: http://www.pcodr.ca

How to Apply:

The nomination process is as follows:

  • Submit a cover letter outlining how the nominee meets the criteria
  • Include the nominee’s CV and references
  • Send your nomination to nominations@pcodr.ca by January 21, 2011.

For anyone wanting to make a BIG difference in how cancer drugs are funded in Canada, this is a great opportunity. If you would like more information, I would be happy to help. In my view, it will be important for at least ONE of the Patient Representatives to have had experience with a rarer cancer, a cancer that does not always have volumes of research data. We know that scenario all too well.

Expect to hear more about pCODR in the weeks and months ahead. We expect to be making our first patient submission within the next couple of months and will definitely need your input. Keep your fingers crossed that pCODR will not routinely issue the words “recommendation not to fund” that we have seen too often in recent years.


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