Question for Federal Leader’s Debate — Healthcare

On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN) and the Canadian Cancer Society, I am forwarding this question for your consideration:

The upcoming federal leaders’ debates (April 12 & 14th) are an excellent opportunity to advance an objective from the CCAN 2010 Drug Access Symposium – national catastrophic drug coverage.

Cancer drug prices are rising and patients are bearing more and more of the cost. What is the next federal government going to do to ensure Canadians are protected from high prescription drug costs? Let’s ask.

Please take a moment before midnight April 7th to email the following question to the broadcast consortium organizing the federal leaders’ debates at:

Prescription drugs are an important part of treating life-threatening diseases such as cancer. The costs of these drugs are rising and it is very important that all Canadian families have the same access to the drugs they need without financial hardship. It’s shameful that Canadian families are facing financial distress from prescription drug costs and this situation will only get worse if the federal government continues to do nothing. How will your party achieve the establishment of national catastrophic drug coverage and work with Provincial and Territorial governments to implement it as soon as possible?

Please take a minute to submit this question and share this message by email, on Facebook and through other social media sites to encourage friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Question for Federal Leader’s Debate — Healthcare

  1. if the ndp will not have enough support to keep the pc,s in
    what is canada alternative THE bloc and liberals no way
    there is one alternative put the pc,s in with a majority
    canada is in better shape than most country,s
    bank,s jobs etc ,what will the liberal;,s bring
    but the bloc ,and quebec quebec will rule canada
    send this to Harper ,hope fully he wont let this happen

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