ASCO 2011 Update June 4

The Current State of Biomarkers for RCC

Speaker: Dr. Kim Rathmell

Background…we know that metastatic kidney cancer is not all the same disease. Some tumors are slow growing (indolent) and yet some are very aggressive.

Work is being done to identify Biomarkers that identify the underlying biology as well as the behavior of kidney cancer. In the future, Biomarkers will also help physicians predict response to individual treatment therapies and the best sequences for use with individual patients.

Work in progress seems to indicate that there are two distinct types of clear cell rcc, referred to as type a and type b. This analysis is based upon a panel of 120 different genes that have helped to accurately define two distinct subtypes with two very different prognoses. 

These tests are not yet ready for prime time. We need more rcc patients enrolled in clinical trials that include Biomarker studies. Anyone who enrolls in such a trial will help advance this very important work in understanding how to best treat kidney cancer.


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