Article: Will Canadian Cancer Society Spending Keep You From Donating?

Interesting article from the CBC Marketplace investigative team that casts new light on how cancer charities spend the money they raise. This particular article focuses on the Canadian Cancer Society showing that the percentage of funds dedicated to cancer research has dropped dramatically.

To read the entire article posted by the CBC, see the CBC website here.

No doubt there will be further information and follow-up in the days to come. We’ve
seen similar stories about the mega “Walk to End” or “Ride to Conquer” cancer events,
hospital foundations, and the like.

The troubling part is that Canadians may be losing their faith in charities and will question whether to donate. When it comes to kidney cancer research, we need MORE investment in research, not less.

So how can you know you are giving to a charity that spends the money the way you want it spent? You can look on the Canada Revenue Agency website where all charities have their full finanicals disclosed. To look up Kidney Cancer Canada (and we sincerely invite you to), please see:

In Schedule 6, you’ll see exactly how much we spent in administration (currently less than 10%), and how much we spend on our charitable mission (almost all). If you have any questions about what you see, we want to be 100% transparent, so ask away.

What’s even more important is that 100% of every donation since we became a charity two years ago has gone to kidney cancer research. We have already funded one research fellowship and are looking to grow funds for the next one. Even better, 100% of our investment in research is matched 1:1 by the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR).

So please don’t stop giving to kidney cancer. We all give with our hearts. I hope this information will give you cause to support kidney cancer research. And if you’ve lost
track of our donation page, it’s right here:


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