Welcome to Fall, Election Season across Canada

Not only is it time for back to school, it’s time for MANY of us to go back to the voting booth and cast a ballot. Again? After a full Federal election this May, Canadians living in the following provinces and territories have an opportunity to vote within the next five weeks:

  • Northwest Territories
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Saskatchewan.

(Voters in Yukon are expected to be voting soon as well.)

So, what does this have to do with KCC? As you know, we’re all about healthcare, and there is no better time to talk about healthcare than in a provincial or territorial election! While there are many issues, healthcare spending represents a significant chunk of provincial funds. Are you happy with the decisions your p/t government is making on your behalf? Is the healthcare system we have now the one you want for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren? Either way, now is the time to make your opinions heard.

  • Ask your local candidates about their stand on cancer care in Ontario/your province. Are they aware of the issues with coverage for oral cancer treatments for those who don’t have private insurance?
  • Ask how they could help you if you needed a treatment for your kidney cancer that was not covered where you live?
  • Ask how much they think is too much for you to pay out of pocket for cancer drugs?

Together we have a job to do to make sure that every elected candidate knows that healthcare is a major priority, and that specifically, CANCER care is a major priority. Let’s all try to get people elected who care about cancer patients and are willing to “rock the boat” if necessary to help us get the treatments we need. Remember that whomever you elect this fall will not face this concern themselves. THEY will be covered by the p/t government health insurance program (and yes, that’s drug insurance that your tax dollars will pay for).

I’m voting on October 6th in Ontario. I just don’t know who for yet.


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