pCODR initial recommendation for Votrient

pCODR has made its first recommendation — and it applies to kidney cancer treatments and how a new treatment may be reimbursed across Canada.

Earlier this summer we asked Canadian patients and families to answer a survey about treatment options. Over 120 people responded with information about how patients consider treatment options, risks, benefits, and quality of life. From all of that information (thank you all!), we put together a detailed Patient Evidence Submission for the new pCODR (pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review) process for their evaluation of pazopanib (Votrient). We included statistical summaries of your responses and some anonymous quotations from patients and caregivers from across Canada.

The pCODR process has now announced an interim recommendation, and as your patient voice in the process, we have the opportunity to submit comments on or before November 18, 2011. In short, the recommendation from pCODR is to recommend the reimbursement of Votrient for those patients who are unable to tolerate Sutent.  We were not expecting the condition (of the patient being unable to tolerate Sutent) — and indeed this is not the case in the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec where Votrient is fully reimbursed as one of the choices in the first-line therapy setting.

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, please take a look. If you have have comments, please feel free to post them here or email us at info@kidneycancercanada.ca


The good news is that the submission from Kidney Cancer Canada was referenced several times in the expert review. We are really proud of the data that you helped us pull together, and the genuine comments that ensured reviewers heard from patients and caregivers directly.

At the end of the day, we just want patients to have access to proven treatments — those that are Health Canada approved and make sense for patients with kidney cancer and the oncologists overseeing their care. Surely the fewer roadblocks and hurdles we can throw in their way, the better.


One thought on “pCODR initial recommendation for Votrient

  1. awesome news – and many thanks, as always, to KCC for all the hard work you do on our behalf! we really do appreciate it!

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